Environmental Policy

Cumbria mailing services Ltd not only recognises the importance of environmental considerations but will place these considerations at the very heart of the company’s practices. To this effect these considerations will be taken into account at every stage of the company’s operations, through planning, procurement, marketing, production, and despatch.

The company will continue to fulfil clients’ mailing requirements to their specifications and to their satisfaction whilst offering alternatives, choices and services which reflect the need to take environmental impact into account. Cumbria Mailing Services Ltd will continue to operate within the scope of responsible commercial practice, taking into account the benefit to the company that can be derived from an on-going improvement in the company’s environmental performance. To this end the company will, as a minimum measure, take all necessary practical steps to anticipate, and thereby avoid, any possible pollution events.

Also, as a minimum, the company will identify and comply with any legal requirements presently in force and monitor the introduction of new legislation, which has relevance to the company’s commercial activities in the field of direct marketing. This environmental policy is the base from which Cumbria Mailing Services Ltd will set its objectives and targets. In line with our commitment to on-going improvement this policy, and its concomitant objectives and targets, will be reviewed at regular intervals by the senior management of Cumbria Mailing Services.