Mailing lists provided by clients invariably contain incorrect information, often through no fault of the organisation that built the database. Such problems can be fixed to maximise postage discounts.


Duplicate addresses are both costly and can portray the sender as being inefficient. We can de-duplicate databases thus reducing the costs of printing and postage.

Outdated and Incorrect Postcodes

Postcodes change, new ones are created. Postage discounts require accurate postcodes. We are able to search, identify and then correct any incorrect or missing postcodes thus maximising postage discounts.

Don’t have a database?

We can help you obtain mailing lists of any size or combination of demographic. We use fully accredited suppliers for the data who cleanse the database against MPS (Mailing Preference Service), TPS (Telephone Preference Service), GAS (Gone Away Suppression), PAF (Postcode Address File), Bereavement register and MORTA screen ensuring accuracy. We are registered with ICO under the data protection act 1998; our registration number is Z4705305.