Good question, rhetorical, hypothetical person!
Why indeed when you’ve (hypothetically) done your own mailings in-house taking a few staff from different offices, hand-stuffing a few thousand envelopes over a few days, printing letters on your own printer, then putting them through your franking machine.
Well time and time again we’ve done such jobs for all sorts of different organisations and what we’ve charged them for the supply of envelopes, printing of letters, insertion etc they’ve recouped with the postage discounts we’ve secured for them. Plus they didn’t have to use up their own envelopes or paper, run up the click costs on their office printer, or take staff off the jobs they’re supposed to be doing instead of licking envelopes. Plus there’s the time taken, or rather the time saved (we do it in a fraction of the time it takes your typical office staff to manually prepare a mailing). Does that sound smug or unnecessary condescending? Well it shouldn’t. We do this day in day out and have the technology to help us.

So why use a Mailing House? Time savings, postage savings, and peace of mind. Surely a tempting prospect rhetorical, hypothetical person, no?!